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Full Moon Shenanigans

Full Moon. Get your Crystals and Stones out for a great night of Moon bathing. Get your glass jars out filled with water to make your own Moon water. Set any salt out too to absorb the Moon’s energy. I also set my intentions out on papers with paper weights. This is only touching on some things to do on Full moons, do you have any rituals,habits or activities that you do?
Ps. If it’s wet out put all near the windows facing the moon.
A little fun thing to do is label all your stones/crystals to memorize them and their properties, benefits and characteristics. I personally never remove the labels but have a separate collection for the ones that I use daily etc. I love to introduce the stones and what they are used for. Stones and Crystals are my passion and I am a believer of their power.
Remember that when you first buy or receive crystals/stones/pendulums or jewelry that you cleanse the piece. You can Moon bathing,sun bathing (some don’t like sun or water,do homework), incensed cleanse, Reiki, breath, winds, sound therapies, ground/bury, water, salt, freezer treatments. There are so many ways to clean the energy of the pieces,be careful to learn which way is best. After you cleanse the piece then it is very importantly recharge the piece with your intentions. Meditation is a great way to connect with this piece and set your thoughts and intentions specifically for you and your purpose for each one. The best part of it all is that it is fun, super addicting to collect and share with others.
Then if you fall in LOVE like I did then your studies will bloom and expand beyond belief and quickly. You will not even believe how many different courses and seminars exist, look locally and online. I have taken so many classes and seminars that I have lost count. Years and years of knowledge collects as big as your actual stone/crystals collection. Holistic healing with Crystals is a great way to heal.
I am already a Master/Teacher in Reiki so taking it to the next level with adding Crystals energy was just adding more benefits to the mix. If you have any questions about Crystals and Reiki just send me a message. I will go into Crystal Reiki information later in a following post,keep watching.
Have you ever heard of Crystals/Stones cleansing and balancing your Chakras and Aura? Wanna know more, let me know.
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