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Do you want more out of life? Do you ever feel just blah, or run down but you really don’t know why, or that you weren’t feeling like yourself?
Sometimes we need to adjust the vibration, our “vibes”. Do you wanna thrive then fix the vibe. Listed below are a few ways that you can do that.

Getting personal first, because remember that everything I share is of my own personal experiences and not medical advice. Each day is a new day, but for some reason, as humans we may bring yesterday’s problems into today. I personally wanted to change that, change my vibes from the moment I woke in the morning. I want to share some tips and tricks on how to change the Vibe in life, home, car and where ever you wanted to apply them. If you have any tips do share in comment box.

First easy tip. Did you know that adding color and fun patterns to your wardrobe can add a little bit of playfulness, fun and beauty to your attitude and vibration. Above is a LavaLava fabric that I wore as a tied skirt to a dance class, everyone loved it, they also smiled as they mentioned that it was pretty. Wear uplifting bright colors, or maybe a new eye/lip color can change your Vibe. Add some cheerful colors to your home and feel the Vibes change.

Mentioned above I said “dance class”. My tip is moving your body can change your Vibes really quickly, especially if you get your heart pumping and those happy hormones jumping around. Staying still makes us feel blah but get to moving those hips or walking can really help to improve your mood which shifts your Vibes. As we get older, we may not “play” as much and get too focused on jobs, chores and responsibilities which may steal some playful energy and joy. Do yourself a favor, wear something fun, maybe 80’s dance party in your own home. You not only will change your vibe but also the vibes of your home. Next step forward if you blast the music you may even inspire your neighbors,hahaha

This list is in no specific order and remember this is from my personal experiences. These are the things that work to change my Vibes/ vibration, try one or try them all, let me know what worked for you.

• Get up, dress up, glow up, show up SMILING!

• Get out to the beach, body of water or forest. Nature is Great!

• Stay Hydrated, water is the best!

• Eating health, raw and as clean as possible.

• Journaling, dream boarding or blogging.

• Showing and experiencing Love, Gratitude, Joy and happiness.

• Practicing Mindfulness and being present.

• Doing good deeds, practicing kindness whenever I can.

• Listening to music and other healing frequencies.

• Taking a Social media break. Phone friends and family. Write letters/Cards.

• Exercising, spending time with pets and meditations.

• Using Essential Oils such as Lavender for relaxation, Lemon for Focus, a huge list will be on the Essential Oils post.

• Smudging with Sage (other dried flowers too)

• Sage, Moon water and Protection Sprays when I can’t burn/smudge.

• Gardening and houseplants. Greenery is healthy to also look at(heart chakra, chakra information will be posted soon)

• Chakra balancing and Reiki (more to come in upcoming post)

• Crystals are a huge part of changing my Vibes.

Tourmaline. Repels negative vibes

Amethyst. Attracts positive vibes

Green Aventurine and Rosa Quartz Brings in,Welcomes love vibes

Citrine. Invites in, brings abundance vibes

Clear quartz. Cleans up vibes

That’s my go to list if I “Wanna Thrive, Fix the VIBE”.

I truly hope that you were inspired by my list, any questions just drop me a message.

From my home and heart to yours, Rebecca😁

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