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My Dream Job.

As the full moon fades and another year flies by, I start to ponder what would be my dream job.

My Dream Job of working with Newborn angels who have come here, yet not ready to leave the hospital.
I would snuggle, hold gently, touch and positively talk to NICU babies. Reiki. Intuitive touch, massage and comfort, hold space so that little angelic being, who made it this far, would be encouraged and loved to become the healthy baby they are meant to be. Listen with my heart and soul as they communicate the best way they know how. Celebrate their precious fingers and toes, the cheeks and nose. Tell them their worth, remind them that they are enough and always perfect in the eyes of the creator of beings. Ensure they know they came with purpose and to fulfill their personal prophecies. Cuddle them, shower with love and grace and enjoy spending time together as they come fully into themselves and into this world. The need for more love, attention and touch can change their start. Positive influence on their growth and development. Encouraging and empowering their transition here and forward moving. Everyone deserves the most loving, comfortable, and positive start. Someone else feeling and thinking about the success of their arrival and growth. The lack of worry, but having more faith to outshine the negative effects of worry, fear and stress. I bring a smile, love, grace and faith for a more loving humanity. That babies will also heal their mothers and the generation of mothers and women before them. Holding space for parents, caregivers and staff. Encouraging them to keep up their good hard work. Supporting them with love, kindness and a truly caring heart.
I will do what I must to get myself into serving NICU babies and their families as well as staff.
Reiki treat all the rooms, waters, milk, food, even the cotton that touches their precious skin and the skin of parents and staff. I will bring and leave smiles everywhere that I go. I will bring lighthearted humor and laughs to keep positive vibrations moving through the space. I will shine gratefulness and thankful energy for all who enter into the babies space. Offering encourage words to all. Hold space for sadness as well as milestones reached. I will be openly intune and conciousness with what is in and on my mind at all times. Mindfulness of all movements and behaviors of myself and others. Radiant light and bright energy to heal, rejuvenate and do my best to restore the greatest of humanity.

I was born fragile, spent 9 days in the NICU. An angel cared for me,helped my mother and held the space for us both to heal,get strong and move on with grace and mercy. I hope that one day, that I may have the same privilege to serve.

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