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May I …

May I…
Feeling the great earth beneath me, it nourishes me and fills me with a deep sense of beauty. May I tread so lightly and respectfully, as to be an example for others. The stability and grounding that only the earth’s surface can provide, while we visit this land, in this body. I would look up at the blue sky and ask that I be a reflection of all that I saw in nature, so that when people looked at me, they would see the fields and the dandelions and wildflowers and the depth of the sky in my eyes. May this beauty permeate and inspire me all the years of my life. I yearn to set others free from their burdens and chains, that they can feel the grand freedom, like the animals in the forest. May our problems ebb and flow with solutions, like the ocean meets the sand. May the words of positivity flow freely from me like fog over the Golden Gate Bridge.
May the sun and moon radiate through me at times that I need to shine. Let me be the one to help others be lifted to their greatest reflection of light. Use me, my servants heart is delightfully awaiting. May I be forgiven for any wrongs that I may have done. I am healed, I am used for healing all the days of my life. Let my guidance and knowledge lead others out of tunnels of darkness and lead them to the light and grounded in the grass. May I serve as a delight and inspiration for those who need me and may abundance, love and sweet energy reward me and my family. Let me be a reflection of this glorious, ever changing and extraordinary earth. Always remembering and feeling the earth beneath, as to me it is a gift. May I be a gift to others as they are to me.


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