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How many times a day do you look at your electronic devices? If you put a message on there it soon will be unconsciously absorbed into your brain because you’re looking at your screen so much. You should try it with any words you feel can change your life.

I chose the message that I am a billionaire, I spend my money wisely and I’m happy and wealth is good. You can choose any affirmation that you want to reprogram your thinking. If every week you had to complete a task on time, with flying colors or success, you can put a little posted affirmation on your screen that you’re seeing every day. It’s as easy as that. You can go to any photo editing app or even take a picture of some thing that you like and just add some words and there you go. I used PicsArt which is free, I took a picture of flowers from a tree that’s in bloom right now and just wrote that affirmation. I don’t realize how many times a day I actually look at it but if I counted I would definitely say I open my phone or iPad over 100 times a day and that’s a message that I’m seeing every single time I open it. It’s food for thought something to think about.

I personally chose this affirmation because I am trying to reprogram my brain that I can be wealthy and still be healthy, happy and kind. That wealth is good and it will not change me. I had some old ideas that if I were to be extra rich that I would become unhappy, scared of losing it or maybe not as kind as I am now. I realize that I needed to think differently and this is how I will accomplish that.

Do you have an old ideas that are standing in your way, maybe with success, love or even your happiness? Try this screen wallpaper message and let me know if you see a shift. I wish you the best. ❤️😃Rebecca

I made a tutorial for making wallpaper, go check it out.
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