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Meditation and Grounding.

Meditation and Grounding are extremely important to me and I want to share some tips and tricks that have worked in my life and truly inspired my sanity in times of need. I’m hoping that by sharing meditations and grounding techniques with others that it may help others too. *This post may get a bit personal some prepare for that.

Do you know this look? The look when you are asked a question and it scares you a bit, but you are trying to have a positive answer come out of your mouth. That moment that you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but the face alone is already speaking for you. Well ,welcome to my world. I’m about to share the reason behind this look. Here it goes, in one sentence …. “Mom can I drive your new car”

I am a mother of two wonderful children. The picture above is of our daughter, a new teen driver. By teen driver I truly mean, that I am then the new teen driver’s passenger. Now I probably have your attention right, hahaha. I personally am a bit high strung and maybe a control freak. The idea of being a passenger with no brakes or steering wheel on my side of the car, literally puts me in a panic. Maybe some others can agree with this feeling. Well I’m here to tell you that I found something that actually works! Keep Reading.

Which brings me back on topic to Meditation and Grounding. I literally have to meditate and ground myself the morning of our new adventures and find my happy place of breathing. You may think I’m kidding but I’m actually serious! If you have a minute, try this one little exercise. Are you breathing, did you actually notice that you were before I asked you? Take a huge inhale and release it as slow as you can, then take another deep breath and actually blow it out as hard as you can, like blowing out a candle.

So did you feel the difference in breathing techniques, slowly letting it out versus a big quick blow. Well if so then welcome to Breathing Awareness 101. Being aware of our breath can lead us to a form of meditation and grounding. Everyday we are breathing unconsciously and be grateful for that because if we were in charge of controlling it, we wouldn’t be here to talk about it. I don’t know about you but sometimes I “forget to breathe”. Counting breaths or counting to four while exhaling can bring you to a relaxed state. Try it.

Taking it a next step forward would be to bring awareness to your body relaxing or even noticing what is tense in the body. If you are sitting, notice sitting,what you are sitting on, hard, soft, cushion etc. You may not notice your comfort, but if you squeeze your glutes and hold for as long as you can and release, you will literally melt back into your seat. Are your shoulders tense, give your neck a roll around, how does it feel? Are your feet flat on the floor, give those toes a squeeze and roll around your ankles. Now you were busy squeezing, rolling and relaxing were you still aware of your breathing? Probably not. Now if you were focusing on breathing in and tension on the muscle that you were focused on, then exhaled while releasing that tension and slowly relaxing the muscle, as you exhaled for the four counts. That sounds like a lot to do at one time,right? That my friend is bringing you body awareness, relaxation and meditation all at the same time.

Let’s take it even further. Grounding. I personally do this and swear by it but remember that there are so many ways to ground yourself. Do some research to see what works for you. Above I had you inhaling deeply, while tension/squeezing /tensing up on muscles then exhaling for four counts while relaxing slowly. Now what if you closed your eyes and added imagining or visualizing. Let’s try. When you close your eyes you inhale deeply but this time you imagine the air is filling your lungs or filling the muscles that your are tensing up.

Try this. Sit in a chair. Feet flat on the ground. Start with your feet and then you can move throughout your body/muscle groups. Imagine as you take a deep breath in, that your toes are trying to grasp the grass or ground tightly. As you exhale release and relax your toes but with that energy released feel that you are sending it back into the ground that supports your feet. Flex your feet and push them more into the ground. You can repeat as you work up your body that as you breath in that energy from the earth that it enters that muscle tension and as you exhale you are sending the energy back into the earth. Know that any negative energy released is recycled by the earth and made new, so that only positive healthy energy is brought back into your body. If you were laying down on a bed you can still imagine that it is going back into the ground through your feet.

As you work up through the body and all the muscles one by one, then when you reach your head, squeeze tight your face and release the tension to the earth as you exhale, as your next inhale comes imagine the top of your head opening to the sunlight, filling your whole body with this bright light and as you exhale imagine letting it flow out through your feet and into the ground. Do that for a few breaths filling your whole body with light and energy. Then I want you to imagine that your head closes off the light as if closing the sunroof of a car. And the exhale is you sending the last bit of light out through your feet. Closing the energy is what I call it so that I can start coming out of the meditation state. Returning back to my body and surrounding awareness, start wiggling toes and stretching the body to finish up the meditation. I slowly open my eyes, sending my thanks to both the ground and the light above. And waahhhlaaaa, you meditated and grounded yourself.

I try to meditate as I’m waking up in the morning and try to end my days like that as well. Sometimes I throw it in during the day if I feel I need a little extra. Even if it’s just a mini version,like breathing awareness, body awareness or just getting my feet planted in the ground. Back to my teen driver, who eagerly awaits me. I add in some safety affirmations in my meditations before the drives. I breathe and count as she drives.

Eagerly awaits to put it in drive. So I take the time to get myself settled in the car with breathing and reminding her to breathe as well. My secret is as I ask her basic questions I bring body awareness to us both. Hand placement check, back and neck checks, foot resting, other foot for gas/brake, breathing and ready to go.
Ok, I hadda get out and get air, why not snap a picture while I’m at it.

Truth be told, as I circle the car. I call in all Angels, Protectors, God’s, Goddesses, Saints and whoever else wants to join the ride. I have already Sage’d the car after the last wash and thanked it for all my safe miles already and to come. I am still nervous after all the meditation, grounding techniques and everything else I have done, but I breathe, smile and know that it will all be just fine.

I am safe, I am blessed and may you and yours be the same. We will enjoy this ride that we call life and may you too. Thank you for reading and joining me on our newfound adventures and see you on the next one.❤️🚗

Lastly, you probably know that if I am passionate about the subject that I will spend hours and hours learning about the techniques and benefits for a subject. Would it surprise you that I record meditation and guide others into meditations as well. So if you wanted to give it a try, send me a message.

Full Moon Shenanigans

Full Moon. Get your Crystals and Stones out for a great night of Moon bathing. Get your glass jars out filled with water to make your own Moon water. Set any salt out too to absorb the Moon’s energy. I also set my intentions out on papers with paper weights. This is only touching on some things to do on Full moons, do you have any rituals,habits or activities that you do?
Ps. If it’s wet out put all near the windows facing the moon.
A little fun thing to do is label all your stones/crystals to memorize them and their properties, benefits and characteristics. I personally never remove the labels but have a separate collection for the ones that I use daily etc. I love to introduce the stones and what they are used for. Stones and Crystals are my passion and I am a believer of their power.
Remember that when you first buy or receive crystals/stones/pendulums or jewelry that you cleanse the piece. You can Moon bathing,sun bathing (some don’t like sun or water,do homework), incensed cleanse, Reiki, breath, winds, sound therapies, ground/bury, water, salt, freezer treatments. There are so many ways to clean the energy of the pieces,be careful to learn which way is best. After you cleanse the piece then it is very importantly recharge the piece with your intentions. Meditation is a great way to connect with this piece and set your thoughts and intentions specifically for you and your purpose for each one. The best part of it all is that it is fun, super addicting to collect and share with others.
Then if you fall in LOVE like I did then your studies will bloom and expand beyond belief and quickly. You will not even believe how many different courses and seminars exist, look locally and online. I have taken so many classes and seminars that I have lost count. Years and years of knowledge collects as big as your actual stone/crystals collection. Holistic healing with Crystals is a great way to heal.
I am already a Master/Teacher in Reiki so taking it to the next level with adding Crystals energy was just adding more benefits to the mix. If you have any questions about Crystals and Reiki just send me a message. I will go into Crystal Reiki information later in a following post,keep watching.
Have you ever heard of Crystals/Stones cleansing and balancing your Chakras and Aura? Wanna know more, let me know.

Essential oils and Happy September.

Welcoming September and remembering that we have the ability to make it the best season yet. Our attitude and thoughts can change the vibes from the gate. Here we go, we got this.
I’m starting the month off right. Packing a little punch in the scent department.
+This month I’m going to dive into 30 Days of Self Help information and share what I personally appreciate and experienced also what others say. Join me, share any knowledge that you have too.
Ps. A little dab of lemon and lavender on my mask and now I’m breathing and relaxing via shopping.
Wondering where I get my information on Essential Oils?
This is a little peek into my collection of tools. I love flipping through books and magazines, I’m old school like that. Although with today’s world wide web the information is unlimited. I don’t claim to know it all but I have a ton of info. Hit me up if any questions. 😁🤗

I have a few favorites that I personally can’t live without. Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint and Melaleuca. I will be giving you the list of benefits for each and the reasons why I love them, in the next post. I will also touch of a few other oils as well. If you have any oil that you want more information on, let me know. Ps. I own a lot,because they work for me and my family.

❤️We Love Essential Oils ❤️
“Cloud of Protection” Spray.

“This formula contains essential oils that fight airborne bacteria &viruses,traditionally used to cleanse the space.” This is what we have been spraying more often due to Covid19. We absolutely love the scent and benefits it claims. I also use this spray when Reiki cleansing rooms as well,(more on that later). They sell this at our local spa,but I am sure they have a website.

Important Disclaimer

Everyday Self Help tips and tricks to lead us all to a more fulfilling and fun adventure that we call life. I do not claim to be a professional, but a human just like you. Seems that in this day in age ,if you want to blog or post ,you need a disclaimer. So here goes something.

Important Disclaimers: The information on this page is for educational purposes only. This page information is of personal opinion and experiences of my own, family and friends, by no means am I telling you that these self help tips and tricks are to be used for a substitute for professional help, counseling, doctors, addiction recovery programs, always consult with a licensed health care professional before trying anything new. Never stop your medication without doctors consent and follow their recommendations. This page provides tips and information and should not be used for prescribing or diagnosing yourself or another person/animal.

Do not practice on others without permission and consent. Never endanger your pets/animals, children or others!

Education and knowledge are gifts, please respect them as such.

All images are used for fun and if any belong to you and you want them removed, message me. I believe that I covered everything,but if you think of anything to add, let me know.

Thank you and Have a Great day!


Ps. If you want any Life Coaching:

Life coaches must be aware of and strictly adhere to the appropriate role of a life coach. Life coaches are not licensed health care providers and must not provide medical advice or engage in patient diagnosis. They do not treat or otherwise counsel those with mental illness. They are not counselors or therapists. The role of a life coach, in its most simple form, is to encourage, coach and/or act as a facilitator of a client’s self reflection, decision making and planning. While counselors or therapists deal with a patient’s mental/emotional conditions and/or past circumstances or trauma, a life coach never addresses such issues. A life coach works with clients to assess current life circumstances and make plans for change toward future goals. The past is only used as a reflection tool to help determine future goals. Life coaching is future and action oriented. Life coaches are obligated to refer clients in need of mental or physical health therapy to an appropriate licensed professional.