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I always hear people saying they are just trying to get through it. I think if we spend more time trying to figure out how we can grow through it, Life would be more fulfilling. We have to be here so we might as well make it worth it right? If you think about what you have to learn while you’re here , let’s try to have some fun. They say that we are either the teacher or the student in different situations. Well at this time I feel like I’m here to learn everything I can and recycle that information and teacher to everyone else around me. So what I have learned thus far is that I don’t want to just go through life I want to grow through this life and while I’m here I’m going to make it worth it. I hope that you join me. I started doing videos on YouTube starting October 1 and I hope that you get a chance to go check it out. The name is under “Rebecca 4SelfHelp”. If you learn anything from me don’t forget to recycle that information and share it with your friends. Have a great day ❤️Rebecca

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