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Make a Wish

Go ahead and make a virtual wish on this dandelion. Sometimes the Universe doesn’t hear our exact wish the way we intended it.

I remember blowing a dandelion and making a wish, but then in my mind I would say, it probably wouldn’t come true anyway ,but it was worth a try. I just now had the realization that I was doubting my wish even before it took to the wind. Have you ever done that? Had a dream or wish but condemned it before it even had time to come to life?

There is this thought that if one’s vibration doesn’t match the wish or dream it probably won’t come to realization. If we adjust our vibrations to match what we dream that it would become our reality. If we condemn the wish or dream, we sabotage the vibration match and it will not come or happen. I wondered how I could come to the same vibrations as my wishes and dreams, then I remembered hearing someone say that if we imagine that we already have it then work backwards from there. Truly imagining being blessed with the wishes/dream and how it would feel and how my situations would look different. I started writing down how my wish/dream being true would impact my life. I tried to imagine and feel all the differences it would bring. That my friend, changes our vibrations to match our wishes and dreams! Get in the moment of having it already and watch it really unfold in reality. If you don’t believe me than try it. Change your vibrations, change your results, change your life!!!!!

May your wishes and dreams come true. ❤Rebecca

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