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My New Favorite Crystal!!!!! It reminds me of the beach when I can’t get there, the waters mixed with sand all in one crystal ❤😍
My crystal came from the mines of Argentina. Deeply nourishing to our emotional body, strengthening emotional intelligence with soft, yet powerful resolve. Invokes the flowing wisdom of water, ease in the heart mind, opening us up a two more expensive ways of knowing including from Spirit guides, Angelic and buddies, supportive ancestors. Intuition, dreaming, empathy with good boundaries. Let this friend hold you as you hold it. ❤ Ways to use it, can be in your pocket, worn as jewelry, held in hand while relaxing, placed on body during meditation, put next to your water glass to absorb it’s energy(not in glass) ,the possibilities are endless. Need more ideas or information, just contact me. Love and Light and Everything Bright ~Rebecca

Remember that this is not to be used in replacement to Professional Medical Care but to truly compliment.

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