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Essential oils and Happy September.

Welcoming September and remembering that we have the ability to make it the best season yet. Our attitude and thoughts can change the vibes from the gate. Here we go, we got this.
I’m starting the month off right. Packing a little punch in the scent department.
+This month I’m going to dive into 30 Days of Self Help information and share what I personally appreciate and experienced also what others say. Join me, share any knowledge that you have too.
Ps. A little dab of lemon and lavender on my mask and now I’m breathing and relaxing via shopping.
Wondering where I get my information on Essential Oils?
This is a little peek into my collection of tools. I love flipping through books and magazines, I’m old school like that. Although with today’s world wide web the information is unlimited. I don’t claim to know it all but I have a ton of info. Hit me up if any questions. 😁🤗

I have a few favorites that I personally can’t live without. Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint and Melaleuca. I will be giving you the list of benefits for each and the reasons why I love them, in the next post. I will also touch of a few other oils as well. If you have any oil that you want more information on, let me know. Ps. I own a lot,because they work for me and my family.

❤️We Love Essential Oils ❤️
“Cloud of Protection” Spray.

“This formula contains essential oils that fight airborne bacteria &viruses,traditionally used to cleanse the space.” This is what we have been spraying more often due to Covid19. We absolutely love the scent and benefits it claims. I also use this spray when Reiki cleansing rooms as well,(more on that later). They sell this at our local spa,but I am sure they have a website.