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When I was a small child my Mom and I would pray before we went to sleep. It was the prayer that most children my age were hearing, it went like this.

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, and if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. If I should live for other days, I pray the Lord would guide my ways. I pray for… Then I would list the names of people, as many as I could think of. Besides keeping me awake by listing people it also had the same effectiveness as some do by counting sheep.

As I grew older/teen, my Mom didn’t come in to pray before I went to sleep because I was a night owl haunted by insomnia, so who knew when I actually was going to bed. Anyways, I continue to pray on my own and had my lists of people and then started to add my goals and want lists to those prayers. Also I may of added that I wanted to meet and marry Kirk Cameron (actor,1980’s).

When I went to the Navy, that prayer was literally the only thing consistent during bootcamp and my following tours. I knew when I hit the bunk that I would think that prayer and it felt that it somehow connected me to my family back home and saying all the names in my mind brought me comfort, connection and I felt that I was still doing my part. I never felt it was a religious act but more of a tool to stay connected to God, higher power and to the people I loved and cared about. I felt it also was a sort of meditation that relaxed me enough to actually go to sleep (or rest peacefully if insomnia was present).

After my Navy days I was going place to place trying to find my way and the next phase of life and that prayer was still consistent and in a way grounded me. My list of people grew as did my goals and wants too (no more Kirk Cameron but maybe for someone similar, lol). After meeting Brian (1998), and shortly after we had the most beautiful children ever, it was my true privilege and goal to teach them that prayer. As they grew, to listen to their little voices saying that prayer outloud was literally the answer to all my years of prayers coming back as the biggest blessing of my life. My heart filled with everlasting love and joy. Prayers over my children, for my children and with my children, an answered prayer and privilege! Sometimes taking the time to pray to not lose my temper was exactly the time I needed to gain more patience. Most parents are already praying and then just are not aware of it ,haha.

As they grew to teens our time praying time together faded, (I can’t stay up like I used too,haha) my consistent prayer has never left me. My lists of people (which now includes my niece and nephew and my cousins’ children) my wants and goals may have shifted but my prayer remains strong and fulfilling. Resting in bed at night with a good long prayer helps to also recount my gratefulness for all that I am and have.

My Mom has now passed (2010) and she joins the angels who listens to my prayers. I wouldn’t doubt that she says them with me and delights in the tradition and consistency of our prayer. 

My prayers for others and their healing, happiness and healthy well being is stronger these days, especially with Covid19 (2020), presidential change and everything that comes along with all of that. Right now it does feel that the only thing consistent and accountable is my prayers. I have added another element called Reiki, and sending long distance Reiki to others is literally like saying a prayer for them and sending them healing energy which is something prayers do anyways (my opinion).

My prayers not only happen before bedtime these days, my day prayers sound different but the same concept and my list of people and their needs does grow as our times and events change. My duty and service to serve others sometimes only needs to come in prayer form. If anyone reading this wants to be added to my list, please let me know. It would be my privilege and honor to pray for you and yours. Long distance Reiki is also always available, as is in person Reiki if you are local.

So if you are looking for something consistent in these trying times, try praying. Prayers come in so many forms, do what works for you. There is no right or wrong, no beliefs to believe in, nothing but you, your thoughts and a connection or source.

One time I prayed to and for the trees at Armstrong Woods to heal, remain strong and rooted and protect themselves from the CA wildfires, and that may every person who sees them finds their own healing, protection and strength.

If you have any questions or need help getting started with prayer, just contact me. Until then, I pray for all who visit my words here, may someone be served by this.

*Just a reminder that if you are having medical issues please seek professional help. Prayers work for healing alongside Medical treatment, not as a substitute.

…may angels watch me through the night and wake me with the morning light.