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Everything Bearded Dragon.

The Blue Moon Dragon’s Adventures

Hello and Welcome Friend.

October 29th 2020. Our family gained a new member of the family. It’s a full moon called the Blue Moon and anything can happen and you get to say “once in a blue moon” right?!? LOL. Well we did a thing,keep reading.

I have done a ton of research and learning everything there is to know and I felt confident so…. we got a fancy Bearded Dragon. Let the adventures of the blue moon dragon begin. We named him Draygo Banshee. My love for the Avatar movie and their mountain Banshees, aka aerial dragons, inspired his name.

We absolutely love him tons already!!

He(or she) is only a baby fancy bearded dragon. We did buy from a pet store and hopefully he will be healthy(even though I learned afterwards that we should of got from a breeder). He was the smallest of 4 in the tank and so I was called to save him, or so I tell myself. He was being bullied because he was younger then the others, again learned that they should not of had them all together but grouped by shipments and age. When we got him home we noticed that his eye was swollen and possibly infected or just stuck skin shed. Day 2 we did bathe him because he pooped and yes I threw a happy party because he pooped. Day 3, It seems his eye is open and less swollen. It’s Sunday and if by Monday the store said we can arrange a veterinary appointment. He eats mealworms and got his first cricket today. We have a salad and some mango from the sample pack that we got, all in a bowl too.

Sleepy head after a good cuddle, yummy mealworms and loving his basking lights.

He is so adorable and we have probably held him more than we should have already. Just know that if you are adopted into this family that you will be smothered in cuddles, and weird snuggling sounds. Haha.

Keep watching for more Adventures of the Blue Moon Dragon.
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