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How to Heal Thy Self tips

*Everyday Self Help by Rebecca*

If anyone comes to me with a problem, issue or wants my advice on what or how to find an answer. I recommend the following. Do your research or keep watching my posts and I will touch on all of them at some point.

Aromatherapy, Essential oils, scenting items for healing.
Reiki and Reiki infused stuff, teas,water,food, long distance Reiki healing
Polarity balancing
Healing touch therapy
Crystal page with pics and placement of stones.
Crystal Reiki
Chakra cleansing and balancing. Recognizing behaviors or patterns that apply to each chakra.
Grounding, different mediations to refocus and rewire the thoughts and tapes.
Yoga, dancing, body movements and awareness.
Legs up the wall= Body Reset!
Repeating motions to relax and retrain.

Debug. unlearn, untrain, rewire, reset, renew.
Aura cleansing & rebalancing
Self and space clearing
Affirmations and positive thoughts with intentions
Mirror work
Self forgiveness, others forgiveness and pardons
aka Healing homework
Smile therapy and smiling organs meditation with smiling breaths,
Laughing therapy
Snuggling/hugging therapy

Healing Waters (sun/moon/crystal/color infused)
Color therapy with, clothes/fabrics,foods
Nature bathing forest/ocean
Ocean and sea therapy includes sea shells and sand art drawings and raking. Name and intention released in waters
Labyrinth walk/meditations
Attitude of Gratitude and Gratefulness journal
Meditation walks of Appreciation and Gratefulness/thankfulness in nature/neighborhood etc.
Native American rituals or passages to new ways.
Chants. Songs/singing, Prayers. Spells. Charms.
Candle work, burning papers.burning or wax melting casting.
Witchy wish jars. Lucky jars. Charm bags for crystals,flowers etc.
Dream boards, “claiming” (like i did with my dream car,home,family plan, my desire for two dark twin girls was answered in black lab form,lol.”thats my car” tell story how it happened, maybe family got sick of hearing it and bought it to shut me up,either way i got what i wanted).
Talk therapy. Scream therapy. Hum/moan therapy.
Calling on Angels, Spirits, Spirit animals(research the animal you love, might be a message behind it, characteristic,
Ask ancestors (and those friends u loved that passed on)for knowledge and wisdom to serve our greater good.
Wind therapy and cleansing(aura cleanse)
Sage and smudging body, space, belongings.
Oracle cards, angel healing cards. Pick and learn cards.
“Finger point pain recognizing”. Pointer finger touches non pain area then pain area and says “does it hurt here or do u feel pain here” then moves to non pain and back again. Pinpointing that pain or just surrounding area. Encouraging them to point exactly and self “light” healing or Reiki
Hand and Foot Reflexology
Creative Art therapy, painting,drawings,pottery, soap making,crochet/knit/sew, jewelry making, doll making, upcycling, sand drawings therapy, garden therapy
Acupressure, Acupuncture, Massages
Cupping, dowsing, pendulum, muscle testing
Diets, juicing, fasting
Baths with salts, ashes, oils, flowers, herbs, even sparkles.

There are so many Energy Healing Modalities and Energy Works Activities that you can do. Any questions about any just ask me😁

Please remember that if you need to, seek professional medical attention.


I bought this Azurite stone in 2018 purchased in a small local shop in Oregon. It’s in rough form and extremely fragile it is deep blue, shiny blue flakes, green with tan and black on opposite side.

The stone of creativity and clarity. It is to help guide in psychic and intuitive development. It urges the soul towards enlightenment and self power. This stone helps stimulate and cleanse the third eye. Helps to attune to spiritual awareness. Attuned to spiritual allowance and guidance. Facilitates in understanding the effects of the mind and emotions of the body. Helps resolve deep negative emotions such as grief, sadness or stress.

Azurite helps clear mental blocks, understand new perspectives and expand the mind to new thinking and concepts, obtain better focus and concentration. It can help facilitate spiritual unfoldment and greater control Annan ensure communications. Also helps enter into a meditative state for channeling. This stone is an extremely powerful healing stone, powerful enough that if used too long can cause headaches and heart palpitations. Azurite helps treat throat problems, arthritis, joint problems, anything to do with the spine, and works at a cellular level to restore blockages or damages to the brain. Also helps with kidney gallbladder function, eliminates having stones or malfunctions.

Azurite is a healing stone to help relieve stress and helps align the mind and mental processes and mental diseases or illnesses. Helps to aid and spark creativity. Meditation with this stone can open the third eye so be sure to close, ask for protection and ground yourself all before exiting your meditative state. Personally I can only use this stone for a very short time because it has a very powerful energy that works quickly.

Remember get medical help if you need it and that these stones can be used alongside medical treatment.

Along with my personal knowledge, studies and experiences I use Book Resources such as The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall and Crystals for Healings by Karen Frazier